Julia (othercrazything) wrote in patd,

Is anybody here alive? [2]

it seems like it isn't, but anyway - I update it with brand new information! \0/
First, new album which is called Too Weird to Live, Too Rare to Die! is out on October, 8th, 2013, yay!

1. This is Gospel
2. Miss Jackson (feat. Lolo)
3. Vegas Lights
4. Girl That You Love
5. Nicotine
6. Girls/Girls/Boys
7. Casual Affair
8. Far Too Young to Die
9. Collar Full
10. The End of All Things

Second, we have a couple of new videos - Miss Jackson and This is Gospel:

And also we have a few interviews and the tour's started already, so yay, new Panic! Era :D
Brendon Interview at 103.5 KISSFM in Chicago
Panic! at the Disco on "Too Weird to Live, Too Rare to Die"
Brendon Urie Twerks at Fuse Studios
First Week Back by Bananas Music Club
I write Sins
Miss Jackson (live)

Have a nice day :D

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